You don’t just pop up on computer screens far and wide without a plan and effort.

Jensen & Jensen online marketing consultants know the best and most effective ways to create an online presence that directly impacts your bottom line.

We analyze your business before creating, implement and execute the agreed upon internet marketing strategy.

Results are all that matters!   

What can we do for you?


Social Behaviors towards your content is of key importance to us. How people react, engage and what they say to others about your brand is going to affect your conversion rates.

Analytics from your social media accounts allow us to monitor exactly what content is engaging your following which helps our team to optimize content accordingly. We also analyze click-through rates to measure how engaging the content and whether it is driving followers to the correct pages on your website.


Our main KPI for the management of your social media account is how much traffic has been delivered to your website as a result of our efforts. As our strategy is focused on reaching quality followers, the day to day management’s primary focus is to ensure the content creates the optimum amount of traffic possible. Our end goal is producing revenue for your business.

We understand that not every business is the same and different metrics will be tailored to suit each business.


You should expect to see increased followers and engagement rates within 3-5 days of working with Jensen & Jensen Consulting.

It is important for us to engage with your customers not solely to improve conversion rates, but to ensure customer satisfaction and improved retention rates as a result. This will increase your customer loyalty, brand awareness and positive engagement visible to other potential customers.

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Why Online Marketing Consulting?

Working with an internet marketing consultant is a proven way to accelerate your business and get results fast.

Working with a consultant is many times cheaper than hiring people

Maybe you already have a marketing team but need some temporary advice or special skill set. Or maybe you are new to online marketing and want to make sure your business get the best possible online start.

Why Social Media Marketing?

Is your potential customer on social media, facebook, Instagram, twitter or Pinterest?  YES, of course, they are.

Is your competitor using Facebook to get new customers?

There are 2.3 billion social media users. 72% of all US adults are on Facebook regularly. There are 40 million small business pages and 2 million of those pay for Facebook advertising.

Do I need SEO?

Search Engine Optimization is about making sure Google understand your website, products/services and your customer target group.

It is about creating quality content for your site visitors and make sure your conversion rate is as high as possible.

All business can benefit from Search Engine Optimization.

What is my ROI on paid ads?

Imagine if you could make $2 every time you spend $1. We are able to measure the results of paid Google and Facebook ads. Than means that after a couple of weeks we will be able to analyse the data and show you excatly how much you pay to make $1 revenue.

Why is my conversion rate important?

How many percent of your site visitors make a purchase or contacts you? We want to make sure your conversion rate is as high as possible. Your marketing efforts are the same, however, it makes a huge difference if you convert 2% or 5% of your site visitors.

Search Engine Optimization

The obvious goal is to be ranked on top of google for all relevant keywords for your business.

There are a lot of variables to consider when our SEO consultants create and implement an SEO strategy.

Popular search terms change every day and with Jensen and Jensen, we are committed to ensuring all key words related to your industry will be integrated into content and ad campaigns to ensure optimum visibility.

We use web analytics to monitor where the majority of your audience are clicking though from and adjust campaigns and social content to that. This will also allow us to monitor the demographic.

Number of searches for each keyword. Google Analytics will allow the company to measure the number of organic searches and analyse what the majority of customers are searching for.

We can integrate this into your wider marketing efforts and ensure it is cross-functional across the rest of your marketing team. Our SEO consultants will optimize your key words /search terms and also analyze search terms to optimise the website for more appealing content and better engagement.

All our SEO work is created in house to ensure the highest quality of links and content.

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Using our agreed upon internet marketing strategy, social media fans and followers will become website visitors. The strategy will also then help you optimize your website so these visitors become customers.

Expert analysis of your web data and a continuous focus on optimization of social media efforts, SEO and ad campaigns is a Jensen and Jensen specialty. We boost the efforts with the best returns, optimizing your website to get your conversion rate as high as possible. Ultimately, our job is to produce a valid return on your investment of time and money.


Think of us as your CMO — your Chief Marketing Officer. We make it easy for you to outsource your entire online presence to us, providing analysis and feedback on a constant basis. Jensen and Jensen has a proven system that can replace the need for marketing staff and save you money in the process.

With continual tweaks and updates to your customized plan, social media accounts, and site, we automate your marketing for you with a watchful eye.


We analyze your online data and we use it to determine what efforts produce the best results for you. The most powerful resource you have is this information, and we work daily to impact, increase, and tweak the quality and quantity of your data.

With customized reports and plain language analysis, we can show you how and where your online efforts are working. It’s no secret that data is king in the social media and online conversion business, but we use the numbers to organically boost your brand identity.

We believe in innovation. Our insight and creativity combined with your forward-thinking brand will drive business value and create results!

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