5 Easy Things to Do to Increase your Local NJ SEO Rankings

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Top 5 Local NJ SEO strategies

While worldwide search engine optimization (SEO) is imperative, the significance of local SEO can’t be overlooked. It is important to concentrate on the details when creating a local NJ SEO strategy.  While enhancing SEO requires some investment, there are some straightforward steps you can take to start improving your organization’s local ranking on local searches in New Jersey.

1. Concentrate on Local Link Building

Links are still generally the money of the web; they reveal to Google how important your business is within the local community, causing it to rank on local searches.   Your web design, bounce rate, and conversion rate also play a vital role. You don’t have to pursue massive media or spend a ton on PR to see results in local link building. Rather, search for opportunities where you can associate or partner with a variety of local stores, sports groups, service clubs, etc., through sponsorship or co-promotions,.for example.  Additionally, a lot of local organizations have business directories where you can get a link to your business site for a nominal fee, or even free. You can also contact the site owner and ask if they would link to your business from within their page content (including blog entries, educational pages, and key administration pages), if you help them create the content.

A good place to start is by registering your business in local online directories. For example, if you are in the Neptune, NJ area, you can register your business on the township’s homepage: http://neptunetownship.org/business-directory

Most townships have directories like this, you just have to find them. 

Neptune, NJ local listing


2. Shift the Budget to Mobile

Brands still allocate an unreasonable amount of their advertising budget to print.   Considering that numerous retailers have at least 70% of their web traffic originating from mobile devices, your business stands to profit by concentrating more of your effort and budget on becoming mobile-friendly.   Optimize your website for mobile searches, and when you are naming your pages and creating content, keep in mind the goal of remaining mobile-friendly.

Check if your website is mobile-friendly here: https://search.google.com/test/mobile-friendly


Mobile SEO NJ


3. Customize Your Ads for Local Searchers

Customized re-targeting and local landing pages with hyper-local content and area expansions, are, for the most part, incredible tools for boosting your local promotion conversions. An Internet Marketing Consultant that has experience with local NJ SEO can help you in this regard. Begin with establishing your local target area and demographics to reach those potential customers that might be interested in your products or services.

Also, make sure that your ads include your address and phone number. There is a higher chance of your ad being shown on local searches if Google knows where to find you.

Local Google Ad

4. Title your Pages Correctly

The page title is the first thing Google looks at when it tries to rank your page. Like a book title tells readers something about its contents, the same is expected by Google regarding your page title.

In order to obtain good local NJ SEO rankings, your pages should have your location in the title.  For example, if your business is an ice cream store in Point Pleasant, your page title should probably be something like “Ice Cream Point Pleasant” or “Point Pleasant Ice Cream.”

5. Social Media Profiles

Make sure that your business has a profile on all the major social media networks, including Facebook, Instagram, Google+, Yelp, Yellow Pages, Twitter and Pinterest. Every local profile you have acts as another “stage” for local visitors to see you on. It’s a great platform to enhance local NJ SEO and demonstrate social confirmation, which will enable your business to drive people back to your site.

Use social media to post news about your business, pictures of your cool products or to provide followers with an update if you have a good promotion going on. It can take a lot of time to post regularly and effectively on social media and outsourcing this job might be cheaper than you think.  Get a free social media audit here.
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