Characteristics of a Good Web Design Company

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Perhaps one of the most difficult things about developing a new site is choosing the right web design company. With a plethora of web design agencies out there, the task of figuring out which one is the best could be monumental.

This decision must not be taken lightly as your website will represent your business online. It may also be the initial contact point for plenty of your prospective customers. Your website is likely to be a major driving factor that determines whether people want to have a business relationship with you or not.

In this light of this, here are some characteristics of a good web design company; knowing them can make your choice easier.

They Will Pay Attention to Your Ideas

You are more familiar with your industry than your web designer. As a result, you are aware of what you are selling, and how it should be presented to your customers. You know your business better than anyone else. In case a web designer does not listen and pay attention to your ideas and opinions, you will be better off not working with them. A good web design company will translate your ideas into actions, instead of creating a pet project of their own.

They Will Have Good Ideas

Although it is vital that your web design company listens to your needs, you do not need a yes-man. You may be familiar with your industry and business; however, your site must be designed by a company that has extensive web design knowledge and experience.

If your web designer simply nods his heads and produces exact replicas of whatever you ask them to do, it is likely you are not getting good value for your money. Your design company should be able to come up with exciting and unique ideas. Creativity is key here!

They are Familiar with Responsive Design

Do not make the mistake of assuming that responsive designs are just a fad. It is simply one of the best ways to design a site nowadays. If a design company is not well-versed and experienced in responsive design and recommends that a separate website version for the mobile platform is better, then they may not be right for your needs.


Although there are a few instances where a separate website for mobile platforms may have several benefits, but generally speaking, you must have a good responsive design. As the use of mobile phones and tablets is on the rise, you must ensure your corporate website is optimized for different devices. A good web designer will definitely get you there.

They Will Have a Balanced Portfolio

The best means to determine whether a web designer is qualified and proficient is to consider the work they have done. But do not get duped by a few attractive screenshots of homepages. You need to observe the sites they have developed in action. Take some time to go through their client portfolio and visit several websites they have designed.