It is difficult to see the return on investment from internet marketing & social media when you are just looking at comments and likes.

However, behind the scenes, any good agency is swimming through your website and social media data, applying the most effective metrics to identify how many customers have come through to your website on the flow of traffic from your social media accounts and Google.

What keywords are your visitors using to find you and how much traffic comes from Google? Do you need to work on getting higher SEO rankings or do you have to be ranked at more keywords?

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More importantly, they will be highlighting exactly how many have then converted to paying customers and how this number can be optimized.

Increasing conversion is Jensen and Jensen’s end goal in order to turn your following into revenue. To ensure we are optimizing all our efforts to convert the highest number of leads possible, we dig deep into your website analytics and absorb all that data, including from your social media accounts to implement the most effective metrics. We then apply those measures to our daily management to ensure you are getting the best return possible.

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Website Conversion New Jersey

We leverage social media to create quality traffic for you that shows the world who you are and places you firmly ahead of the competition.

We send quality traffic to your website where it goes through your “sales funnel” and converts site visitors into paying customers. 

Our goal is to constantly increase your conversion rate to increase your profit per site visitor.