The online marketing strategy will provide your business with a detailed outline of how our online marketing consultant can help your business increase your online revenue stream. 

We will show you how the integration of social media marketing and advertising into the organization’s wider marketing activity will increase ROI, engagement with customers and brand awareness.

In today’s digital world, it is essential that your brand re-invents its strategy to be inclusive of social media and advertising to remain relevant and successful against competitors.



Online Marketing Audit

To ensure a thorough understanding of your business, we will conduct a detailed online marketing audit to establish our objectives. This is crucial to the success of the online marketing strategy, therefore we ensure your online marketing consultant from Jensen and Jensen is as involved as possible with your marketing team. This can include hot desking at your office to ensure we understand your business inside and out. This includes wider marketing objectives, competitors, key opportunities and threats within your industry, corporate values and your mission for the company.

Defining Your Target Customers

From the audit, we can help to identify who your target audience are including their hobbies, interests, and challenges they face. This will allow us to determine their online behavior and allow us to engage with them more effectively.

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Channels and Content

Once complete we can then get down to what we do best; identifying the most effective online marketing channels and types of social advertisements for your brand and distinguishing content that will both target and create optimum engagement to support the flow of traffic directly through to your business’ website. Depending on what you require, and what we would recommend dictated by your objectives, we can create anything from an isolated promotion to a full advertising campaign.

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Benefits of working with an Online Marketing Consultant


Action and scheduling

Our online marketing consultants will create tactics that will enhance user engagement and increase your following with clear actions to meet each objective. Online marketing, social media content, ad advertisements will be scheduled at times we believe work symbiotically with the highest level of presence from your target audience and likelihood for engagement determined by the behavior we identified from the audit.


We will work closely with your business to ensure your budget stretches as far as it can in terms of ROI, and will work on the types of advertisement we can include and where it would be invested most effectively and successfully.

Measuring results

We believe this is one of the most important stages as we trust in data! We will outline our forms of measure within the online strategy to explain to you exactly how we will monitor success. This will also include metrics that can help to adjust our actions depending on how they are helping to grow your following and deliver traffic to your website.

We understand that every client is different and the goals for their online marketing vary, the above online marketing strategy is an outline that will be tailored to each clients objectives for their business.

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