Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Instagram: These are just a few of the platforms our social media consultants can leverage to create targeted marketing and advertisements for you! With our specialized social media consultants and highly detailed analytics, you can know in real time how your efforts are performing. We can tell you how many eyes are getting on your brand, and how many of those eyes turn into clicks. It’s about quality, frequent, and organic growth. We can take some of the tediousness out of your hands and provide you with results. They are all that matters!

Social Media Strategy

Our planned social ads and campaigns detailed in your strategy will be implemented, managed and measured by a social media consultent. This will include responding to, managing and the measuring of user engagement resulting from the campaigns. We will also extensively monitor your accounts to adapt and adjust campaigns and ads where necessary to deliver optimum traffic through to your website.

Hands On Social Media Consulting 

WE BELIEVE in a hands-on approach with all of our clients. As social media management demands daily attention and nurturing, constant communication is key to a successful return. We believe in a dialogue and your input is essential as you are the brand.

Measurable Results

Our social media consultant can also measure how long it takes for your following to engage with our updates and campaigns to ensure we are posting relevant content. Furthermore, we can provide you with response time to demonstrate our efficiency in engaging in a ‘real-time’ fashion.

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Without stimulating and interesting content to target your customers with, your social media will just become white noise. One of our joys is to create and deliver compelling and targetted content that will attract your followers, increasing engagement, traffic, and conversion. We will get to know the inner workings of your brand to ensure we have a number of interesting and innovative content ideas to attract your customer base on your social media channels.

Working with Jensen and Jensen Social Media Consultanting is like having a digital army fighting for you. We can turn customers into brand ambassadors, engage with your base, and grow your online reach with our customized social media plans. Experts in the field, we know what to look for, and we strike while the iron is hot. You won’t believe the momentum you’ll receive from our work together!

Social Media strategy